"First Fridays! Assistant Director Cory Shea's August Visit to SoWA." Cambridge Art As

When I walked into Mimi's studio it was packed with visitors asking Mimi questions about the process she takes with artwork and how many layers and time goes into each piece. What I did not see, until my Art-Wing-Man pointed out to me, Mimi had a large work of Bruce Springsteen hiding away beneath some other canvases. I thought this was so interesting for Mimi! She usually works with large canvases in abstract-painterly-layering sort of way.

Once the crowd cleared, I finally got the chance to talk with Mimi. She introduced me to her grandson who also happened to be the SoWA studio door greeter.

My Art-Wing-Man immediately pointed to the Bruce piece and asked about it. Mimi started to explain, "Well ... I saw that in the news paper and I thought... I should really do something with this! He looks so powerful in this image. Really captivating his audience. And I wanted to capture this raw power and moment."

I think she really hit the nail on the head with this piece. And she added that 'Mimi-touch' with painterly brush strokes adding more drama to the piece.

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